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Robbie Goodall Photography Gallery

Australian landscapes, nature, wildlife and animal portraits taken by Perth-based photographer Robbie Goodall

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The Milky Way Behind The Lily - Dutch Windmill - Stirling Ranges, Amelup - Western Australia Featured Robbie Goodall Photography Print

The Milky Way Behind The Lily - Dutch Windmill - Stirling Ranges, Amelup - Western Australia

The Lily Windmill is an authentic 16th Century design brick ground-sail mill. The five story full size Dutch Windmill, with its 22 Ton cap and a sail length of 24.6 meters, is one of the largest traditional windmills ever built in Australia.
The Lily Windmill is the only operational flour producing windmill on mainland Australia

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Scarlet Robin (Petroica boodang Petroicidae) Featured Robbie Goodall Photography Print

Scarlet Robin (Petroica boodang Petroicidae)

While several species of Australian robins feature reddish feathering on their breasts, the plumage of the Scarlet Robin is particularly vivid. This feature captured the attention of the Indigenous Noongar people of south-western Australia, who considered the red coloration of the robin's breast to have been stained by blood. The robin is said to have been punched on the nose (or beak) by a pugnacious Willie Wagtail, causing it to bleed. When the blood trickled down from the wounded beak, it is said to have discoloured the robin's breast

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Granite rock formations - Murphy's Haystacks, Mortana - South Australia Featured Robbie Goodall Photography Print

Granite rock formations - Murphy's Haystacks, Mortana - South Australia

Eyre Peninsula's Murphy's Haystacks are among the oldest rocks in Australia but they're slowly eroding away.
They are of a tumulus form of weathered granite outcrop. They are made of a pink, massive, coarsely equigranular rock consisting mostly of quartz and orthoclase. Their appearance may be due to a combination of erosion by underground rainwater and then by subsequent weathering after they were exposed. Most of the pillars emerge without a break from the underlying granite. Their structural base may be of orthogonal or vertically-aligned sheet jointing.
The rock's shapes are believed to be 1.6 billion years old, as the rock itself was believed to be 3 billion years old.
"The actual granite itself is very ancient, but the form of the Haystacks is much more recent, so you can probably go back to the time of the dinosaurs and the weathering of the landscapes."

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